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  2. TimeLordME


    ISO EDITOR to help organize over 1.25 million written words since 2017! Many are repeated stories, just told with different details and styles. "Historian from a different timeline" of course!  Past life QHHT , understanding my spiritual connections to, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Sitting Bull, Black Elk, Bodhidharma, Helena Blavatsky A few more that are equally unbelievable. About 8 in all!  It is a wide variety of subjects, and might become two separate novels. Or a trilogy.  I really need help!

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  4. Cosmo


    Bear with me, doing some design/structure upgrades throughout the weekend. You'll see some weirdness.

  5. Classicalfan626


    We got our power back this morning, although I will be out of town until Sunday, and I won't be active again until the day after. But I'm glad the power's back!

  6. AsinShouma

    HG 0A953753

    Isn't it dangerous to tell your story of future to us ?
  7. AsinShouma

    • AsinShouma
    • Vi-Alpha

    You Look Intresting:)

  8. Vi-Alpha

    HG 0A953753

    Yes Soon.
  9. AsinShouma

    HG 0A953753

    Ok , But , When your "file" will be ready ? Will you share it?
  10. Vi-Alpha

    HG 0A953753

    Sorry For being really weird at first , But , Gumas Gumas Every thing will be visibly Explained .
  11. AsinShouma

    HG 0A953753

    Why 2020 is Weird ? Really
  12. AsinShouma

    HG 0A953753

    I see that you are talking about "Jonathan Lintitor" But... Do you Mean "John Titors name is ""Jonathan Lintitor"? If yes , Are you the Couples From Future as you said ,"VI"? I see also Valerine is a girl name and you said "I missed him". I see you are using morse code :| Can you translate?
  13. Vi-Alpha


    I know , They are Bob and Alice AI systems from facebook , but it's still time travel ,I'll explainsoon.
  14. Vi-Alpha

    HG 0A953753

    I am not here to Proof that i'm real or not , Because i know that i am , My main reason is that to proof my theory . My theory was that "Is it possible that to turn back the memories of Lin"? => By Showing some most known words from the main past of Lin. A Person Asked me "Who You really are?" ; My Name is Valerine Icenhour , I am from the year 2038 . I am the developer of the time machine in year 2030 , I know My Lin from my world , But ; Lin is forgotten by all , Because of a Time traveler who did changes in year 2019 . I am writing a file to tell you every thing , and also want to explain everything i have to. Just need some People who can help. I know Jonathan pretty well. A Part of my story : As i said , I am the time travel and it's machine developer , I had a good relationship with Jonathan Lintitor , After he stole my Beta time machine to do the mission by it self, He traveled to many world lines and Victor Mousi (a guy who worked on time machine theory with me) Used Alpha Time machine witch General Electrics Co. Built it to stop Lin from finding his dad out . after many tries , Victor died in year 2020 , and made big changes . Isn't it your Question that "Why 2020 is Weird ?" I'll explain everything in my file witch i send it soon here. "I've missed you Lin" .. / .-.. --- ...- . / ..- / - --- / .... . .- ...- . -. ... / --. .- - .
  15. Einstein

    Time traveler from 2075

    In order to give any veracity toward your claim, you will need to pass a simple test. " What is the answer to the question I haven't asked you yet?" I will post the question right after you post the answer. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.
  16. Cosmo

    HG 0A953753

    You'll have to be more specific.
  17. Vi-Alpha

    HG 0A953753

    Im the guy who's stuck in a looped cycle . Nether; I need some people who i can trust . Please. Cosmo . Padefil . Server . Lin needs help . I will tell more . Are you in ?
  18. Hi everyone. Many people have claimed time travel stories on the internet. I do not expect anyone to believe mine, but I hope some of you will listen to what I have to say as my (brief) mission here is important. I am aware that a lot of people will oppose my claims so in order to fulfill my mission I was authorized to share some details. I will waste no time so here it is. It all began (will begin) with an individual by the name of Henry Lovell James. He is (at this time) an ordinary, everyday person with not much to his name. During the course of this year (2020) he writes a book called "Anthropos" under the pseudonym Marcus Sedol, which in my time (2070s) becomes highly important. The book is basically gibberish to the normal reader, however it contains a code system used by a certain frond in the 70s to send encrypted messages. It is of vital importance that I get this book and take it back with me. The thing is, in our time the book is no longer available and we haven't found any copies in private or public collections. We only know its approximate publication date, which is around August/September 2020. We absolutely need to get hold of it so that we can decode covert messages that are sent by this frond. I will try to answer any questions posted here to prove that I am who I am, but please be aware that I cannot respond to ridiculous requests such as "show me a photograph of Jesus in the year 20 AD". Thank you all,
  19. Cosmo

    [TTIDB] Bill & Ted Face the Music (2020)

    I noticed the writers for this sequel are the same guys who did the original two movies. Hopefully it turns out well...
  20. Last week
  21. Mayhem

    My absence - grieving

    Sad day Paula
  22. _Oz


    I recognize this. The screenshot shown here borrows from Facebook's two learning machines that developed their own language schema in order to pass a digital ball back and forth. Both of the machines were given rudimentary language capabilities & were not told how to interact with each other. Through trial and error they managed to create a method whereby they could tell the other one if they had the ball or if they needed to pass it. -Oz
  23. Berworad

    I met GOD

    I have been put through time travel by certain people which I shall not mention here and I have been repeating this life multiple times , I just want to know how can God allowed this to happen to me , please feel free to contact me at [email protected].com as I would like to keep in contact with someone who understands
  24. Cosmo

    HG 0A953753

    Welcome. Please elaborate.
  25. Vi-Alpha

    HG 0A953753

    Help me find Lin , Please! I can tell you things Happened or not ,The Future of now (My Past), My Father , 2027 , 2036 , 2000 , 1978 , Humanity & Technology. Black Knight , Bob , Alice , BBB , SERN , World Lines , World Errors. & Lin.
  26. Vi-Alpha


    Lin Needs Help.
  27. Vi-Alpha


    This isn't a language , It was a code transfer from 0B953120 to 0A953432 reason : HG Founded => 0A953753
  28. Vi-Alpha


    It doesn't Exist in 0A953753 .
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