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Kingdom Hearts - Best Traveling Series?

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I've got lots of spare time & have always enjoyed a good story. I've read many books, but none of them really have ever captured traveling in the way that the video game Kingdom Hearts has. There's so many parallels with the way things really work, it's as if the creators know a few things about traveling.


The game series is one big story told over 20+ years and 13 games (so far), so I'll break down the biggest bits related to traveling below:

  • Keyblades are devices / weapons that "unlock" hearts & doors between other worlds
    • For this reason they're highly sought after, because with the right key they can unlock Kingdom Hearts
    • Kingdom Hearts is the center of all worlds & contains unshaped energy that can be used to do anything with

    [*]The central plot of the series so far has been regarding a book of prophecies regarding the Keyblade War for control of Kingdom Hearts






    • The Master of Masters uses foreknowledge of the events of the Keyblade War in order to write the Book of Prophecies
      • The final passage of the book reads that "darkness will prevail and light expire"

      [*]The master had 6 apprentices, and gave each one of them specific roles in order to help them prepare for what came after

      • 5 of his apprentices were given copies of the book, and became the Foretellers--who went on to create unions of keyblade wielders to help prevent the war
      • 1 of his apprentices (Luxu) was not given a copy, but was instead given a box with a lost page from the book & strict instructions to never open it





















    Ultimately it was his 5 apprentices (in their attempts to prevent it) who started the first Keyblade War, and became "The Lost Masters"

  • The 6th apprentice, Luxu, avoided the war. He was given his master's keyblade & was told to bequeath it to his apprentice, who would in turn bequeath it to their apprentice. Luxu then transferred his heart to his apprentices so that he could observe all of the events to come & look out for a wielder in the cycle of bequeathings who would try and reignite the Keyblade War.

  • The Master of Masters' keyblade had a "gazing eye" which was used to spy on the future, and transmit temporal changes to his past self
    A young Keyblade Master named Xehanort became obsessed with the lost masters, and sought to conquer Kingdom Hearts for himself

    • Young Xehanort found he had the ability to travel through time by projecting his consciousness into different time periods & vessels
      • To project his consciousness he had to have a "waypoint" which was a connection to someone / something at the point in time he intended to travel to (memories, dreams, relatives)
      • He used replica bodies as vessels to contain his consciousness when he traveled to other time periods (since a physical body on its own cannot break the lightspeed barrier)

      [*]He traveled to different points in the future in order to setup & ensure his eventual victory

      • He accomplished this by creating 13 vessels for his consciousness spaced throughout time





There's a lot more that goes into it than that, and the entire series is basically a giant chess match between travelers of light & darkness--but that's the overall plot. Keyblade wielders seek Kingdom Hearts for its power -> which causes paradoxical cycles of Keyblade Wars. The wars always happen, but are hastened or delayed when individuals are given foreknowledge. While it seems futile to try and avoid the wars, the consequences would have been worse without it; since darkness grows uncontrollably in all worlds & would eventually lead to chaos / disorder on a larger scale.


I'll write more on this series later, since this all the above takes place before the first Kingdom Hearts game. By the end of Kingdom Hearts 3 it becomes clear that the Master of Masters manipulated all of the events of the entire series in order for the true Kingdom Hearts to be summoned; which was what the book of prophecies really was foretelling. What he didn't include was what came afterwards--the eventual victory of the light / good guys & the recreation of lost worlds. The Master essentially trapped the bad guy Xehanort in a temporal paradox, and then willed himself back into the universe (since he had disappeared for hundreds of years)


If you're not into games, the cutscene movies of the KH series are available on YouTube (recommended viewing order for a few are below):

These aren't all of the games, but they give a really big overview of a multiverse-spanning war. ~20hrs


Birth By Sleep


Kingdom Hearts 1

Chain of Memories

358/2 Days


Kingdom Hearts Re:coded


Kingdom Hearts 2


Kingdom Hearts 2.8 - Dream Drop Distance

Kingdom Hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts 3 - Re:Mind




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