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    This was a non-event for me. I didn't even get rain!
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    Well, that's what happens when you leave a potato in the microwave.
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    Most of you probably know who QAnon is at this point. If you don't... Go look it up. There's another anonymous poster over on 4chan though, and he's been talking about time travel quite a bit lately. His posts get aggregated here: https://paulfurber.net/bda/index.html From their FAQ page: There's a lot of posts, and most of them are worth a read, but here's the time travel ones: Unsure what to make of all of this... But it's interesting to think about. Has anyone else heard of this guy?
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    Gotta wrap the potato in tinfoil first -Oz
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    I feel bad for the people of Beirut right now, who were going about their daily lives until this all happened. It definitely was a fireworks warehouse that was the cause, but there's still some things up in the air about "What exactly was in that warehouse?" --At the very least they didn't have any radioactive materials, otherwise the plume would be much different. That's one good thing. --The big explosion / shockwave was the result of rapid decompression of a lot of something ^ I wonder "What the hell did they have that was so pressurized & THAT explosive to make THAT big of an explosion?" Below are several angles from the event today: Angle 1 - https://streamable.com/xmmoa7 Angle 2 - https://streamable.com/nscx9m Angle 3 - https://streamable.com/zbjj5f Angle 4 - https://streamable.com/saoafz Angle 5 - https://streamable.com/4ga1vb Angle 6 - https://streamable.com/lmivb2 Angle 7 - https://streamable.com/mcy82f Angle 8 - https://streamable.com/zg9oal Angle 9 - https://streamable.com/zykkj6 Angle 10 - https://streamable.com/22e152 It could have been so much worse though. This time it looks like it was just pressurized chemicals that exploded. Below is another fireworks factory explosion--this one is from China, and they seemed to have more than just pressurized chemicals in their warehouse: China Firework Factory - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZvtuggAkvoE -Oz
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    I heard it was a fertilizer storage warehouse. Possibly spontaneous combustion. Someone could have left an oily rag lying around.
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    Introduction This article can be seen as an appendix to the one about Ivan Petrov. The purpose of the article is to illustrate how much longer certain Russian rulers might live in the next revision of history; and this is assuming that, by way of Petrov, Western medicine enters Russia along with the Renaissance. (In Russia, Western medicine is mixed with that indigenous to Russia and the rest of Eastern Europe.) In regards to the Grand Princes of Moscow during the Mongol era, with the exception of Vasily I, who rules at the time of Petrov's return to Russia in 1395, their dates of death as noted remain unchanged and are based on personal research. Grand Princes of Moscow (1283-1399) Daniel (1261-1303; reigned 1283-1303) Yuri (1281-1325; reigned 1303-1325) Ivan I (1288-1340; reigned 1332-1340) Simeon (1316-1353; reigned 1340-1353) Ivan II (1326-1359; reigned 1353-1359) Dmitri Donskoy (1350-1389; reigned 1359-1389) Vasily I* (1371-1435; reigned 1389-1399**) * - Last grand prince of Moscow. ** - Vasily I became grand prince of all Russia after the entry of the Renaissance, the ousting of the Mongols, and the subsequent unification of Russia, all having taken place by late in 1399. Grand Princes of Russia (1399-1480) Vasily I (1371-1435; reigned 1399-1435) Vasily II (1415-1470; reigned 1435-1470) Ivan III "the Great"* (1440-1517; reigned 1470-1480**) * - Last grand prince of Russia. ** - Ivan the Great was crowned the first czar of Russia in 1480. Czars of Russia (1480-1721) Ivan III "the Great" (1440-1517; reigned 1480-1517) Vasily III (1479-1543; reigned 1517-1543) Ivan IV "the Terrible" (1530-1584; reigned 1543-1584) Fyodor I (1557-1598; reigned 1584-1598) Boris Godunov (c. 1551-1605; reigned 1598-1605) Fyodor II (1589-1605; reigned 1605) False Dmitri (c. 1581-1606; reigned 1605-1606) Vasily IV (1552-1620; reigned 1606-1610) Vladislav* (1595-1648; reigned 1610-1612) Michael (1596-1652; reigned 1613-1652) Alexis (1629-1690; reigned 1652-1690) Ivan V (1666-1696; reigned 1690-1696) Peter I "the Great"** (1672-1725; reigned 1690-1721***) * - Also known as Wladyslaw IV, king of Poland. ** - Last czar of Russia. *** - Peter the Great named himself the first emperor of Russia in 1721, and he was crowned as such. Emperors and Empresses of Russia (1721-1917) Peter I "the Great" (1672-1725; reigned 1721-1725) Catherine I (1684-1727; reigned 1725-1727) Peter II (1715-1730; reigned 1727-1730) Anna (1693-1740; reigned 1730-1740) Ivan VI (1740-1764; reigned 1740-1741) Elizabeth (1709-1762; reigned 1741-1762) Peter III (1728-1762; reigned 1762) Catherine II "the Great"* (1729-1796; reigned 1762-1796) Paul (1754-1801; reigned 1796-1801) Alexander I (1777-1825; reigned 1801-1825) Nicholas I (1796-1855; reigned 1825-1855) Alexander II (1818-1881; reigned 1855-1881) Alexander III (1845-1894; reigned 1881-1894) Nicholas II (1868-1918; reigned 1894-1917) * - Side note: Under the reign of Catherine the Great, in 1776, Russia officially adopted the use of the Gregorian calendar, replacing the Julian calendar, which had been in official use throughout Russia since 1399. Note In the current version of history, the Julian calendar isn't replaced by the Gregorian calendar until the Russian Revolution in 1917, probably due to the "Westernization" of Russia arriving late, during the reign of Peter the Great, in the early 1700s. But as can be seen in my article on Ivan Petrov, where "Westernization" comes to Russia by way of the Renaissance in the end of the 1300s, we can assume that by 1776; at a time when the Gregorian calendar is already dominant in the areas of Europe, the New World colonies, etc. that are predominately Roman Catholic or Protestant; Eastern Orthodox Christian countries like Russia should wish to be in vogue with the rest of Western civilization.
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    Does the possibility of extraterrestrials threaten Christianity? I am no religious scholar, but in my opinion, the basics of Christianity can still go hand in hand with science and the possibility of other life forms existing outside of Earth. - The 10 commandments do not mention anything about not believing in ET's - I do believe God created the whole universe, not just Earth (please refute if there is evidence in the Bible) - We do not know how many other planets Jesus was sent to - We always assume God had only one son. Maybe only one was sent here. I believe that part that CAN challenge Christianity is the belief of some that religion was created by early UFO sightings and visitations. The show Ancient Aliens suggests that these were worshipped and religions formed. And of course, there is always the possibility that Jesus himself was an alien. Cosmo brought up the Vatican in another thread. They have their own observatory and have been researching themselves for centuries. Note: the Vatican only represents the Catholic sect, not ALL Christians. If only we knew their secrets.
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    Would be interesting to see more pictures from that type of camera. Looks like quite a rig. In the patent can see it has a like bib harness that goes underneath the coat. Yeah, the quality does seem pretty good for it's time. That camera was way ahead of its time. Would be interesting to know how long it took to get an image onto the plate. In the photo you posted of the guy tipping his hat, there aren't any buggies on the street. Is that because they were going too fast or was it that not one buggy was on the road at the time?
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    Yeah, the spy camera is pretty neat. But my mind is still a bit freaked out that somebody in the late 1800’s was using a “spy camera” to secretly take pics of unsuspecting folks. And the results of the pics were of a high quality, imo. Quite amazing.
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    I would prefer to think of angels as multidimensional beings as opposed to aliens (interstellar beings). Angels can be summoned and just appear verses an alien (interstellar being) I figure is traveling from one point in our Universe to another point in our Universe. One destination being Earth. Angels on the other hand, are already now, however, maybe shift in vibrational frequency to be seen here. They might already be here. Like a radio wave, here and now, but we can't see radio waves. I believe that we are entering into a different topic, because what comes to mind at this point is the Tree of Life, specifically the Sephiroth. It has been said, that when you are able to have the inside become one with the outside, you cease to exist as a normal human being. This is what it seems Jesus is saying, in talking about the Kingdom of God (inside) verses the Kingdom of Heaven (outside). I believe Jesus is referring to vibration / frequency ; a state of being beyond the physical. I don't mind talking about Buddhism.
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    Article with photo and close up. Ooooooo...love that camera. Totally awesome. Wonder how it let the image in through the lens? Guessing maybe twist the lens? The full kit image doesn't show anything covering the lens. Cool glass photographic plates too. Reading through the instruction book would be 'heaven'. Found this... Portable Camera Patent
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    Hi. Just got to ask. Where is Lincoln in that pic? Here is a couple pics to the 19th century spy camera. . I must admit, the more I think of it the more absurd it seems. It’s like history has been somehow “rewritten”:
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    It's a picture of the crowd gathered to listen to Lincoln giving the Gettysburg Address. (1863) Abraham Lincoln is in that photo. Do you have a link to an image of a button hole spy camera from 1863? I, too, am under the impression that the camera's of 1863 were bulky box type constructs that used glass photographic plates to capture an image. Can see in the Gettysburg Address photo, how the photographer removed the lens for a period of time, then put the cap back on. This is how the people moving at certain speeds, are either shadowy figures or don't appear in the image at all. Got my curiosity going Milo. How would a button hole camera in 1863 operate?
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    Introduction This is a continuation of my Renaissance History series, my 7th (and final) entry in the series. In this series, I've covered five out of six Renaissance men of my invention, each man of a different European country; the 6th is Ivan Petrov of Russia. This article is likely also the largest article I have in the series. Biography Ivan Petrov was a prominent Russian scholar who was the first to lead the integration of Western culture into Russian life and society by bringing the Renaissance to Russia. Ivan was born Ivan Vladimirovich near Moscow on January 19, 1368 into a family of Russian peasants. His father, Vladimir, who saw talent in Ivan from a very early age, was determined to give his son an education and sent him to a group of Jewish scholars in Moscow who were noble, diverse, and very educated, and they agreed to take him under their wing. While still living at home, Ivan went to Moscow for years to study with the scholars, who recognized that he was a prodigy. Ivan was able to read and write fluently by age 3, and by 18, he had completed his studies of every bit of knowledge that the scholars were able to teach. But Ivan still wanted to continue learning, so he decided to go west, aiming for Rome. He was very hungry for knowledge. That very year, Ivan left his homeland. Before he left, he bid his family farewell and promised that he would return one day. As Ivan traveled further west, he heard of an important movement taking place in Europe and dug deeper into it until he found the source of it in Florence, Italy. He was very fascinated by the society and activity there. Italy was the birthplace of the Renaissance, which had fairly recently begun to take effect throughout much of Europe. In 1388, Ivan obtained a very decent occupation in Florence, and stayed at this job for six years. From 1388 to 1394, he spent his free time studying the Italian language (particularly the Tuscan dialect). From 1390 to 1394, Ivan studied contemporary humanistic trends in art, literature, and music with Luciano Marrone. Ivan returned to the Moscow Principality, his homeland, in 1395, accompanied by some of his Italian friends. On his return he adopted the surname “Petrov” (to honor his paternal grandfather, whose name was Pyotr), and introduced to the Muscovites his vast knowledge associated with Renaissance and Western culture in various fields, including the arts, literature, music, and dress. Ivan encouraged his people to assimilate into European society by incorporating Western ways into their society and adopting the Renaissance. Soon enough, partly because of Ivan’s reputation, many nobles and other Muscovites came to look like the people he met and saw in Italy. The old Russian culture in the Muscovite state was sabotaged. Ivan’s discoveries in Italy even attracted the Muscovite Grand Prince Vasily I. He realized that Moscow was primitive the way it was then and advocated this new cultural movement. Following the first Westernization, Vasily took his court, Ivan, and other scholars from the Muscovite State through an expedition throughout Western Europe including visits to Italy and to other areas such as France, Spain, England, and Germany. While Prince Vasily and Russian noblemen flooded Italian barbershops to have their beards shaved and their hair cut, artists back in Russia were already creating Renaissance art, and Russian composers were composing Renaissance music. After learning a great deal of knowledge about Western culture and the Renaissance throughout the expedition, the grand prince and his crew spread the knowledge to everywhere in Europe where it wasn’t very well-known, even Greece, which was then part of the Eastern-cultured Byzantine Empire. They even spread the knowledge throughout the Russian states outside of Moscow. Russians also discovered the whole meaning of the Renaissance, a revival of ancient Greek and Roman art. They also learned a great deal about ancient Greek and Roman history and culture. After so much contact with and influence by Western Europe, all city-states of Russia existing at the time united under Vasily to oust the Mongols. The Russians did not want their contact with Western Europe to be ruined by them. The united Russian force became successful as a result of building and using more advanced Western-style weapons and using Western military techniques. As a result of the ousting of Mongols, all of the formerly separate Russian states unified into a single nation based in Moscow by late in 1399. News of this inspired similar revolutions, including the split of Greece from the Byzantine Empire. Now that Greece was also becoming in contact and style with the rest of Europe, its inhabitants were reacquainted with their ancient past and experimented with the Athenian-style democracy of their ancient history, though as time went on it became more of a sort of constitutional monarchy. As Western culture and the Renaissance was becoming mainstream in Russia by 1399, sacred music, Eastern Orthodox and Jewish alike, was absorbing Western music styles. For example, the Russian Orthodox Church, which had previously forbidden instrumental music and had medieval styles of music, had now come to incorporate the use of musical instruments, such as the organ, and Renaissance music styles, into its service. Also, in fashion, Russia’s Christian and Jewish clergy imitated the appearance of Western European clergymen, as a result of compromise after Ivan Petrov questioned the infallibility of sacred texts. And as secular music, which was equally absorbed with Western influence, emerged, Russian musicians were composing in a variety of Renaissance music forms, including masses, motets, chansons, and madrigals. Russia had a considerable number of noted Renaissance composers, as did England, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, and Austria. While Western culture and the Renaissance were transforming Russia into a prominent European nation, the country still maintained some of its heritage, including a chiefly Russian style of architecture, which was occasionally used, especially for sacred purposes, though it was not as popular as Renaissance architecture. One example of a work of architecture unique to Russia is St. Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow (which shows both Byzantine and Renaissance influences, thus leaving the cathedral in the previous version of history or timeline largely unchanged (i.e. the “onion” domes are still there)). Also, Russians tried to make their cuisine still look exotic and thus unique to Russia, despite that new culinary resources and techniques were arriving from Western Europe. And while many Europeans had had feelings of anti-Semitism, Russia maintained its rich Jewish heritage, and Judaism expanded in popularity in Western European countries, almost putting an end to anti-Semitism in many ways. (However, anti-Semitism never left Europe completely, not even Russia, where there were brief periods of history with pogroms; those were unofficially supported by the Russian Empire though not affecting ethnically Russian Jews; that’s because a very large minority (30%) of Russians are Jewish.) Ivan became a high-ranking noble and a favorite of Vasily soon after his 1395 return to Russia. He also wrote Renaissance literature, painted Renaissance art, sculpted Renaissance sculpture, designed Renaissance architecture, and composed Renaissance music. He died February 3, 1453 in Moscow, at age 85. Notes As a result of Ivan's successful efforts in bringing the Renaissance and Western culture to Russia, there is obviously no need for Peter the Great to give Russia much more of a Western character, albeit by force, because Western culture is in full force in Russia by the time Peter is even born! It can also be noted that Russia was in a sort of dark age under the rule of the Mongols, so I figured Ivan bringing the Renaissance to Russia would be very much welcome, and lift Russia out of its great depression, with Russia going on to completely liberate itself from Mongol rule. In my current history or timeline, the ousting of the Mongols and the "Westernization" of Russia are two separate periods in Russian history, separated by more than a couple of centuries, but as can be seen in this new version of history, the periods are obviously very much linked and in very close proximity to each other. I guess you can say this is a "marriage" of these periods, and like the saying goes, "killing two birds with one stone"!
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    If you look at the definition of alien; a foreigner, especially one who is not a naturalized citizen of the country where they are living. Most religions of the world and its beings would be alien. In terms of smart beings outside of humans, I know they exist. If you want to know more about them look up book of Enoch.
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    For those that are familiar with the manuscripts and other sources that are within or relate to Christianity might not necessarily rule out life eleswhere in the Universe. Some manuscripts, rejected by the authorities, do mention that God created life elsewhere. There are even hints in the Bible. - i.e., of possible spacecraft. Ezekiel is a good example. A man living in the BC's see's a spaceship and describes it from the perspective of his time period. Is that what happened to Ezekiel? " And I looked, and, behold, a whirlwind came out of the north, a great cloud, and a fire infolding itself, and a brightness was about it, and out of the midst thereof as the colour of amber, out of the midst of the fire." (Ezekiel 1:4 - KJV) I believe that a vast majority of Christians don't really know the teachings of the Bible. This is evident in Christian chat rooms which are horrible as far as people raging on each other ruthlessly. People expect rapture, being taken to heaven, existing forever. Interstellar travelers being revealed will not be accepted very well by the main faith-stream educated Christians. Plus the idea that there is no hell, will probably lead to a lot of violence. I wouldn't think Jesus was an alien. Maybe in part, if the immaculate conception was completed by advanced beings. Would that give the term, Son of Man, a different meaning? Jesus, or the concept, of Jesus, he would be the One Son. This is if you understand the Trinity, and the relevance to the balance of creation.
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    Found myself researching "Concert pitch"! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Concert_pitch As I mentioned before, but this is not my native historical timeline. In my parallel timeline, pitches had were established in the medieval times. One pipe organ was nearly identical in tuning to the next. Not sounding exactly the same, but the musical pitch would be consistent, and an organist could play, and would sound the same on any organ, anywhere. I'm dumbfounded by this information! "what do you mean different composers used different pitches?" My head is reeling from the consequences! "Mozart tuning?" This place is so different. I know that you probably don't believe me, but this wasn't a problem on my timeline!
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    He brought several things to mind. His inspirational trip! I'm certain I'm preaching to the choir, but an Italian trip was a right of passage, especially among the French aristocracy and wealthy merchant class. (I know you know this) Italy and Rome in particular was a literal pilgrimage, and seeing the new style was probably considered an even more important aspect than any possible audience with the Pope or the viewing the Holy relics. You couldn't be a true member of the Paris salons without having made the trip! (I apologize for my writing style that sounds like I'm teaching you something.) One of my favorite bits of trivia about the 100yrs war, is the origin of the English "up yours" backwards V finger sign! English archers if caught by the French would have their fingers chopped off so they could no longer use their devastating long bows! So the archers would present them to the French, in essence saying, "still have mine, come and get them!" An English Molon Labe! Finally, you were dead right about the Renaissance really never getting a foothold in England! Even today the Victorian attempts at Renaissance never really made it there! The Gothic and Tudor style was perhaps too engrained in the culture for the Renaissance to take hold the way it should have! I also imagine "English morality" was too conservative to properly embrace an authentic Renaissance aesthetic! It's a shame actually, imagine a full blown Italian style Renaissance in England!
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    That was wonderful, I very much appreciated the addition of the actual historical figures I recognized, then had to second guess myself on your characters! It was a great "brain teaser" and I found myself checking the characters for veracity! It also in a way demonstrated to me how individual painters and writers REALLY DID spread the Renaissance! Just as Versailles would never have existed without the import of the craftsman from Italy and elsewhere! Escobar had me rolling, and I actually made sure there was no such historical figure! That's how well the interplay between the two had me second guessing myself. As a historian from a parallel timeline I have to double check facts and people constantly, so I was really fooled by many of them! I spent a very cold January 1992 studying History of Renaissance Art and Architecture of the Medici, Doge's and the Papacy! Rome, Florence, Pisa, Assisi, Siena, and Venice! It was one of the most interesting classes I have ever taken, and I adore the Italian Renaissance. I also appreciate the Art of other countries as an Art Historian as well, but I was never the same after that Italy trip!
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    As I stated in my Emperor Julius Caesar Alternate History post, I have memories from an actual Alternate History! Out of respect for the wonderful literary creations and hypothetical scenarios involving time travel here, I will offer an imaginary scenario that I believe is likely the cause of the majority of Surname differences found between my Historical Timeline and this one. Infamous due to the horrible media propaganda surrounding it, the Mandela Effect's Berenstein vs Berenstain Bears. On my parallel historical timeline, it was without a single doubt in my mind, Berenstein! Even as a young child I knew enough to know Stein was a German beer drinking mug. So in my mind when I read the name Berenstein, they were "Beer drinking Bears!" I always say, "If Einstein changed to Einstain, would you doubt the fact, for a single second, that it had been Einstein?" Ellis Island was a common entry point for European immigrants entering at New York! So I hypothesize that in my timeline the Berenstain family arrives. The Immigration and Customs officer there sees the suffix "stain", and decided to "do them a favor," and did what was within his job's power, changed it to the more common suffix, Berenstein! A moment of kindness to prevent generations of teasing and adolescent torture! Lol Here on this timeline, maybe the Immigration Officer had been on duty for 8 hours and was going on autopilot! He saw Berenstain, and it was just another name, not caring a bit about the negative connotations, he left it the way it was! Another family the Schulz arrives, the agent noticed that it wasn't the more common, Schultz. Decided to give them a "much larger extended family" and changed it to Schultz. In my universe Charles Schultz was the creator of Peanuts! Not Schulz. This is how many of the surname differences happened in my opinion. Different Immigration agents picking different Americanized Surnames!
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    Omg, I was exactly like Paul before my experience! I held his belief in Evolution and despised Creationism.....that was so surreal and for the record, I still don't believe anything she says. I can't.
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    I think this clip from the movie Paul depicts your typical Christian reaction to a realization that aliens exist. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dtgOzzBMl2o
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    No, not at all, there are millions if not billions from my timeline. I have a unique neurology though, then and now, and I have retained far more than the average Mandela Effect experiencer. I was always obsessed with historical facts and trivia from a young age, and had the savant ability to recollect it with accuracy and at odd times. My head is filled with trivia of all sorts, and for whatever reason I maintained my historical memory and the trivia I had been accumulating from there from a young age! I am a freak. Most people remember a couple hundred changes, I have thousands and thousands that I instantly recognize as being a difference. I don't know why, but I was allowed to keep everything all as far as I can tell! I have guestimated 3 billion or more from my timeline. At a minimum many million!
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    PaulaJedi you could not have picked a better question! If God created the heavens and the Earth, and us in his image, would he not by default be an "Alien," not of this Earth? I had a bad experience with 7th and 8th grade at an all Boys Catholic School, and as a result I held a grudge and I can admit a hatred of the Catholic Church from the age of 13 until 41! I will try to abbreviate my time travel experience as much as possible. I will just list the highlights as the happened ask any questions 1. Out to lunch with some coworkers Jan 2014.(note 1 year after my shift) I said something blasphemous about the Church, not realizing several of my friends were Catholic! 2. Several weeks later, I am home sick from work. I dream of a monk with a brown robe and a white beard who is firmly lecturing me! Giving me a strict lecture on my blasphemy, and he says, "Don't judge something just because you don't understand it!" 3. As I am getting the "lecture of all lectures" I can see and feel the light projecting from his heart and it was a Pure and total Peace and Love! So strange to feel the contrast, but it made getting yelled at amazing! 4. The phone rings, and I forget the dream, it is a close friend at work who says. "Are you okay? Rachel (another co-worker) just saw you at the fax machine faxing, when we told her you weren't here today she flipped out and went home!" 5. I hang up, and I Google "in two places at the same time" wondering what was that about? It leads me to a Wikipedia article on "bilocation." In the article there are multiple people, Saints mostly, who are purported to have bilocated during their lifetimes! I clicked on one of them https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Padre_Pio 6.The entire dream comes flooding back to me and I instantly recognize the photo as the Capuchin monk I was being lovingly lectured by 15 minutes earlier! 7. Understand that at this time I chanted Om Mani Padme Hum to a Bodhisattva of Compassion, was deep into some dark occult stuff and believed the entire Christian Church to be a giant conspiracy and despised Christianity. 8. I was scared out of my wits! I began telling everyone the story, my wife a Baptist gaslights me into a mental hospital. I never stop believing in Padre Pio. I witness his words to anyone I feel will like to hear it...If Padre Pio believed it I was going to but I was definitely now a Christian, I had seen and felt his sacred heart(had no idea what that meant) 9. 3 years an actual Papal Ambassador( I had him investigated because I had doubt) came to file at 70. I tell him the story, and he is floored! Repeatedly thanking me for the "blessings bestowed" "What is he talking about?" I think. 10. He explained that every single person I told my story to with his words was receiving. St. Pio's blessings, and that he and he alone decided who was sent to me to hear his words! That the seeing Sacred Heart shares itself with your own and that just a handful of people have seen it and all we're Saints. 11. Me dumbfounded and feeling like a baby, so naive, and so innocent in what I was doing. 12. But I now realize, St. Padre Pio sent the Ambassador to me, to hear my witness, and testimony, to bless it and bless me as "St. Pio's earthly representative" he said, and to document it and share it with the Pope himself. St.Pio was present when the Ambassador asked if he could anoint and bless me rose oil, right at my desk in my Government office building! 13. Many other miracles to tell if you are interested. 14. You called the Catholic Church a "sect", and I didn't know this either, but not only is it the first Church, Jesus said, Matthew 16:18"And I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build My Church, and the gates of Hades will not prevail against it. 19I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven. Whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven." Jesus is the founder of the Catholic Church and no other! Every Protestant Church became a "sect" of Catholicism and they were all founded by men of various names who rejected the Church established via St.Peter by Jesus. I was pretty stunned! Ask any Protestant what that verse means and watch the reaction! https://images.app.goo.gl/BvzePiA74BbAMWvt6 And Yes I still believe YHWH was an Alien!
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    Happy 2nd birthday to Violet, my future time traveler
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    Lebanon State Media stated that a Fireworks (fire crackers) storage warehouse in along the harbor area of Beirut, Lebanon caught fire then exploded today. 8/4/2020.
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