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The Legend of Rudolph Fentz

By Cosmo | February 23, 2020 | 0 Comments

Have you ever heard about the time traveler who showed up in the middle of Times Square? It’s been told and retold with slight variations, but most versions of the tale go something like this: In the middle of June 1950, at 11:15 in the morning, people going about their business in Times Square, New York City, noticed a young man, 20 years old or so, who appeared to be lost. His clothes were strange, old fashioned as if they were not just out of style… But from a different time. Many accounts described him as looking like someone out of the late 1800s. No one had noticed which direction the man came from… Or how he had even come to be wandering the streets in strange clothing at all. Before anyone could help him out of the road, the young stranger was suddenly hit and killed by a taxi. There was nothing anyone could have done. The dead man’s body was taken to the morgue at the local hospital. The attendant made an inventory of the man’s clothes and personal items, attempting to look for identification so the deceased person’s family could be notified of his passing. The man’s belongings consisted of: Business cards, bearing the name Rudolph Fentz and listing an address on Fifth Avenue A letter, written to that Fifth Avenue address, sent from Philadelphia and dated 1876 A copper saloon token good for one beer $70 in outdated currency A bill from a livery stable for the care and washing of a horse-drawn carriage A third-place medal for a 3-legged race Why would a man in 1951 have all these strange things? What was he doing? Is it possible he arrived in Times Square through accidental time travel? Although often reported as an urban legend in...

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