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  2. Read Michael Moorcocks books for years, many years ago. He had his characters all connected in a clever way , the hero's all connected through-out the multiverse. Michael also wrote the lyrics for Blue Oyster Cults, " Don't Fear the Reaper ". He also applied time traveling to several series of books. Such as, The Dancers at the End of Time. The main character, "Jherek Carnelian" , and his companions at the end of time are able to reanimate themselves, thus being immortal. Mind provoking and humorous, with Jherek being literal with new things. For instance, he has a fish tank, which is actually a battle tank that shoots fish out of the barrel. Or when asked by a time traveler to build a water closet, he asks the traveler why one would need a closet full of water? Great writer. Curious who else has read any of Micheal Moorcocks books?
  3. Upper right, underneath the Search bubble, click on... " Unread Content "
  4. " However, puzzling the researchers, is what they found and has been confirmed to be debris from the exploding fireball. "
  5. Friend and his family went in for testing. They said his wife and daughter tested positive and obviously no point in testing him. He just had to have it. They listed him as infected, no test.
  6. Um, try any experiments with equipment like a K2 meter? Or EVP? Hidden camera? I have a laser that covers the room with dots. If anything moves through the room, can detect an anomaly in the grid pattern.
  7. Really? Out of all the giphys' and those are the ones selected. Sheesh.
  8. $2,300 is IF you have medicare. If you don't have medicare, for US patients with commercial insurance, Gilead said it will charge US$3,120 for a five-day treatment course. In another article published by OAN, the the writer said that the Hospitals would be charged that $3,120. So, don't know what the actual price would be for the consumer. Of course that doesn't include the Hospitals expenses on top of the price of the vaccine. Funeral is cheaper. Guess that's what the goal really seems to be : Poor, free. Rich...can pay. Middle class...debt or die. We been had. Any wonder why the inexpensive Hydroxychloroquine, Z-Pak and Zinc regiment was UN-approved by the FDA?
  9. Asked someone better with math than I, and RT's answer was : Pi~3.14159 Pi^2 is ~ 9.869 Clearly the number is not infinite. The confusion seems to be that the decimal does not terminate Pi is irrational. That is the correct description "infinite" only refers to whether the decimal terminates, which it does not Hence the reason for the term irrational Infinity is not even a number proper. Tis only conceptual. Pi is definitely NOT infinite. But it is irrational. It's decimal representation cannot be portrayed exactly. That does not make the number itself infinite. Since SIN(Pi/2) == 1.0 True definition of Pi= 2*ArcSIN(1.0) The math whiz folks probably understand that far better than I.
  10. My only advice is for this to end where it is, as no progress is or will be accomplished and if necessary will close out this thread. Best to go back to discussing John Titor Predictions, and as far as Trump goes, how that relates to John. Not the political facets as they are being presented, at least in this thread.
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