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  1. @KerrTexas - Can you please show some sources that disprove what BigMakAttack is saying to put this issue to rest? I don't have the time or patience to deal with this nut job. And as a side note, I strongly believe that the New York Times and the Washington Post are fake news that can't be trusted.
  2. If you're that certain you're right, show me sources, or we'll never take your word for it. We strongly believe you are dead wrong. I believe you are the one that's ignorant. And global warming is a communist hoax!
  3. Today's my birthday. Yippee! :)
  4. @BigMakAttack - I'm curious to know where you got all that misinformation from. Sounds to me like more shitty leftist propaganda. Plus, Black Lives Matter was not a reaction to anything in the Trump presidency. Obama started that shitty movement. And stories of police shootings on blacks during that period, some of whom were innocent, were deliberately blown up in the mainstream media to undermine the police. Today's Democrats are not pro-law enforcement. And the mainstream media deliberately doesn't report 100% of the truth. They only use stories and create others to fit their agenda.
  5. @BigMakAttack - It's not Trump who is the problem, it's Obama. Obama's done absolutely nothing to benefit the US, he's the one who is trying to divide us, and he has not united the people at all. Don't blame Trump, blame Obama and George Soros, communist schmucks.
  6. I won't be posting in threads like these anymore, at least not for right now. I've just started publishing articles here at TTI, so you can follow me here. Around the time of this post, I've published only one article (which is about cats and dogs), but there will be more to come soon. :)
  7. @beanblinker - So you traveled forward in time to the present year (2020) from 2019?
  8. @han_shot_first - I think China is much more of a threat to the US than Russia is. And if you ask me, I'd say Russia is considerably more an ally of the Democrat Party than of Trump and the Republican Party. Then again, that's just my opinion.
  9. @han_shot_first: Your post was deleted because I found it off-topic and out of line in terms of civility. If you still disagree with my decision, I suggest you take it up with @Cosmo, who runs this site. I wouldn't say we're biased. It's just that we don't tolerate incivility here. Us moderators do make mistakes, don't we all? So go talk to Cosmo about your issues, if you still have any. If I were you, though, I'd try to avoid being antagonistic, or hostile, toward him.
  10. OK guys, let's try to stay on topic, and not make trolling posts that are blatantly anti-Trump and are driven by garbage leftist propaganda. I've already deleted two messages that were off-topic and/or unacceptable.
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