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  1. No worries! There ARE laws, regulations, and rules of thumbs....but they're more like guidelines than actual rules. There's more than a few laws & regulations I've broken, and I'm certain that I'll probably get at least a slap on the hand in the future....but the consequences that people talk about, usually arise from their own actions. I've come to accept divergence as a part of life, which is why I don't stress much about things. -Oz
  2. I mentioned to Paula that I'm very much not familiar with the intricates of how VS is able to do what they've been doing. From what I do know, some time (many many years) after traveling became more common, a corporation saw fit to "grow" bodies at specific periods / places in time. The vessel is able to be used by any number of travelers until it expires. Planting "seeds" (the term for a vessel that is not yet ready for transference) is not very difficult. The challenge is not injecting something back in time, since there's hundreds or more functioning machines hidden across the planet all the time. The challenge is the transference of consciousness, which also requires phlashing / preparing the vessel in between uses. I suspect it really is just a cleverly controlled usage of dreamfaring, because from the perspective of the traveler---they lay down in what feels like & kind of resembles an MRI machine. There's no noises, and only a throbbing pressure in the temples after a few seconds. It gets very heavy very quick. The feeling is similar to the heavy feeling from being heavily intoxicated. You can't help but fall asleep within 10-15 seconds, then immediately wake up in your shiny new vessel. Kind of like the movie Avatar, except the avatar / vessel is at a different spacetime than the one you're in. It also makes sense from the perspective that dreamfaring is as close to 0 divergence as you can get. The reason why I disagree with them, is because very few people know that dreamfaring is an incredibly powerful tool to begin with. It boasts close to 0 divergence when you're not doing anything crazy, but near (or possibly actually) infinite divergence when you're willingly looking to exploit it. It's very possible that this timeline only appears messed up to me because I'm about 29 years past due on mine. Were I to suddenly die, it's possible that everything as I remembered (or at least close) will be the same when I wake up. Who knows fore sure though, and I'm not NO hurry to go back to the last universe >_< -Oz
  3. Greetings, Even if it's just a game, no good or great chess player should ever telegraph their moves in advance unless it was intentional. Time Travel (which I use that term loosely) becomes more common the farther into the future you go. I don't mind sharing more details, but I also wouldn't want to get into the nitty gritty for the same reasons. In an exponentially divergent multiverse only a couple clicks away, the common associations of time travel is literally a tourist attraction. The way this is accomplished with minimal divergence, is through a nifty service called VesselShare VesselShare brands themselves as service used to visit periods or places in time of significance. The elevator pitch is that you can send your conscious mind back in time to one of VS's home grown vessels--which enables you to experience the events of that era, while at the same time minimizing divergence. It was found to be significantly easier to send a consciousness backwards (primarily using advanced waves) AND less risky--since the death of the vessel means the trip ends early & your mind goes back to its proper time. As it happens, the death of a vessel is also a flexible point (not quite a fixed event, but guaranteed to occur) which means visitations between fixed points will have almost no impact on the worldline at large. While they SAY there is minimal divergence, I would argue otherwise. In fact, I've been riding in one of their vessels since 1989. Some fixed events remain the same as I remember them from history, while others (like Trump being President) are totally uncalculated for. Hopefully you're not uncomfortable with paradoxes, because they're super common. Most of them go completely unnoticed, which only occasionally causes some people to recall events with different accounts. It's usually chalked up to shoddy memory or the Mandela effect. Anyways, this timeline is a major mess & I originally only came back to this era to grow into an old man out in the mountains in peace. Over time the divergence became more and more noticeable, until 2016....at that point I stopped being just a passive observer & started to pay more attention. By 2018 I realized I probably was going to need to do something, and this year I've been more brazen than ever. I still don't think it'll matter much within 8-10 years, but I'm also not trying to hasten things any faster than they seem to be. -Oz
  4. You messaged me about my time machine, and then tried to steal (something? Tachyons from this board??) from me and failed according to the notifications I got. I just hadn't felt like replying after that. I will elaborate a little further though in my next update -Oz
  5. It works lol!
  6. Browsed the link, and while I don't think that'd be much good for traveling or seeing into the future--it looks like an earlier attempt at a fusion reactor. The latest and greatest of the fusion reactors is going to be turned on later this year & uses similar concepts to what the looking glass was speculated to use. https://metro.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/fusion-energy-4.jpg?quality=80&strip=all[/img] Good news is that sustainable fusion is one step closer to microsingularities! -Oz
  7. Every other day there's a person claiming to be Titor, when the original was a hoax (according to the oldest members on this forum who where there at the time) -- I mostly just ignore them. -Oz
  8. I've got lots of spare time & have always enjoyed a good story. I've read many books, but none of them really have ever captured traveling in the way that the video game Kingdom Hearts has. There's so many parallels with the way things really work, it's as if the creators know a few things about traveling. The game series is one big story told over 20+ years and 13 games (so far), so I'll break down the biggest bits related to traveling below: Keyblades are devices / weapons that "unlock" hearts & doors between other worlds For this reason they're highly sought after, because with the right key they can unlock Kingdom Hearts Kingdom Hearts is the center of all worlds & contains unshaped energy that can be used to do anything with [*]The central plot of the series so far has been regarding a book of prophecies regarding the Keyblade War for control of Kingdom Hearts [TABLE] [TR] [TD]https://www.khwiki.com/images/thumb/d/da/Master_of_Masters_KHXBC.png/200px-Master_of_Masters_KHXBC.png[/img][/TD] [TD] The Master of Masters uses foreknowledge of the events of the Keyblade War in order to write the Book of Prophecies The final passage of the book reads that "darkness will prevail and light expire" [*]The master had 6 apprentices, and gave each one of them specific roles in order to help them prepare for what came after 5 of his apprentices were given copies of the book, and became the Foretellers--who went on to create unions of keyblade wielders to help prevent the war 1 of his apprentices (Luxu) was not given a copy, but was instead given a box with a lost page from the book & strict instructions to never open it [/TD] [TD] [/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE] [*] Ultimately it was his 5 apprentices (in their attempts to prevent it) who started the first Keyblade War, and became "The Lost Masters" The 6th apprentice, Luxu, avoided the war. He was given his master's keyblade & was told to bequeath it to his apprentice, who would in turn bequeath it to their apprentice. Luxu then transferred his heart to his apprentices so that he could observe all of the events to come & look out for a wielder in the cycle of bequeathings who would try and reignite the Keyblade War. The Master of Masters' keyblade had a "gazing eye" which was used to spy on the future, and transmit temporal changes to his past self A young Keyblade Master named Xehanort became obsessed with the lost masters, and sought to conquer Kingdom Hearts for himself [TABLE] [TR] [TD][/TD] [TD] Young Xehanort found he had the ability to travel through time by projecting his consciousness into different time periods & vessels To project his consciousness he had to have a "waypoint" which was a connection to someone / something at the point in time he intended to travel to (memories, dreams, relatives) He used replica bodies as vessels to contain his consciousness when he traveled to other time periods (since a physical body on its own cannot break the lightspeed barrier) [*]He traveled to different points in the future in order to setup & ensure his eventual victory He accomplished this by creating 13 vessels for his consciousness spaced throughout time [/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE] There's a lot more that goes into it than that, and the entire series is basically a giant chess match between travelers of light & darkness--but that's the overall plot. Keyblade wielders seek Kingdom Hearts for its power -> which causes paradoxical cycles of Keyblade Wars. The wars always happen, but are hastened or delayed when individuals are given foreknowledge. While it seems futile to try and avoid the wars, the consequences would have been worse without it; since darkness grows uncontrollably in all worlds & would eventually lead to chaos / disorder on a larger scale. I'll write more on this series later, since this all the above takes place before the first Kingdom Hearts game. By the end of Kingdom Hearts 3 it becomes clear that the Master of Masters manipulated all of the events of the entire series in order for the true Kingdom Hearts to be summoned; which was what the book of prophecies really was foretelling. What he didn't include was what came afterwards--the eventual victory of the light / good guys & the recreation of lost worlds. The Master essentially trapped the bad guy Xehanort in a temporal paradox, and then willed himself back into the universe (since he had disappeared for hundreds of years) If you're not into games, the cutscene movies of the KH series are available on YouTube (recommended viewing order for a few are below): These aren't all of the games, but they give a really big overview of a multiverse-spanning war. ~20hrs Birth By Sleep Kingdom Hearts 1 Chain of Memories 358/2 Days Kingdom Hearts Re:coded Kingdom Hearts 2 Kingdom Hearts 2.8 - Dream Drop Distance Kingdom Hearts 3 Kingdom Hearts 3 - Re:Mind -Oz
  9. It's an existential problem...On one hand, in my home universe I'm a missing person to my friends / family. On the other hand, I still get to see them (a version of them at least) which brings me comfort. I do feel bad sometimes for the ones who probably still worry & will never receive closure. There'd be almost nothing I can do to get back to that worldline since we're so far deviated from when I grew up. Not that it's impossible--I just don't have anywhere near the tech or bearings to do it. I always feel like instead of dwelling on that which is out of our control, it's best to live in the moment & be grateful for that which we have. -Oz
  10. Quite a few of the objects seen / classified as UFOs are actually terrestrial in origin. I remember a long time ago, my father worked on something called the "Aurora Project" which was a hypersonic aircraft that closely resembled some of the triangular shaped UFOs sighted. That was back in the 90's & many universes away, but I'm sure there's been similar projects here. It also should come as no surprise to anyone that we're not alone in this universe...but just look at how badly handled this global pandemic has been. First public contact would be another global event, and people would go crazy. The USA would run out of toilet paper again... -Oz
  11. Greetings NCOLO#3, Why TTI? Because it's the reliable gathering place & is super low tech. The squad did get back together as well ^_^ Why expose myself? Because all of this matters little within 8 years anyway. You're also correct about actions taken here not impacting my original timeline. For the same reasons, my very presence here causes divergences from whatever other travelers (which there are many from my observations) have been planning / doing. I'll be here for the next few years at least. Even if I wasn't posting things people were afraid of others knowing, I'd still intermittently visit TTI because I like the conversations / people. -Oz
  12. This seems like the best place to put this. I Finally received the limited edition coronavirus challenge coin in the mail! I purchased this from the White House gift shop for a friend as a joke, but it's actually really well made.... -Oz
  13. Is it possible to affix a GoPro camera to a gator & see what it does all day? Can call it "Gatorvision" I don't think there's a ton of Florida Gator content on YouTube, or at least none that come to mind. Gaining 1,000 followers wouldn't be a significant challenge if you also engage in a little marketing. You'd need to post on social media & also probably want to do that standard " If you enjoyed the video and want to see more be sure to smash that like button, subscribe, and leave a comment below!"
  14. I actually don't have much insight into Star Trek >_< I've seen the newest movies with Chris Pine, but I can't say I know how their universe works. There are folks out there I'm sure that are scholars on the subject. I did like the time travel dynamic in the first one. I do know that even though Star Trek is a work of fiction, several inventions have come from the TV show. I'll read into how Star Trek warping works, and I'm willing to bet that it's not unreasonable! -Oz
  15. While not entirely related, using colors to solve complex functions is something that was done by 3Blue1Brown(Linked). The same concepts could be potentially applied here. Bandwidth can also be increased by twisting the light. -Oz
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