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Andrew Basiago---Time Traveller

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Wear your big skeptic goggles for this one. Basiago has depended on certain "professional" scientist opinions of his claims as support. One name that comes up often is "physicist" David Lewis Anderson (Google "Andrew Basiago +David Lewis Anderson" and "David Lewis Anderson +Andrew Basiago" for details)


David Lewis Anderson is not a physicist. He has a PhD in philosophy - and that is unconfirmable.


"Dr. David L. Anderson" has been the subject of several threads here over the past 10 years. We've done a lot of research on who he is and who he isn't. He used to run a website "Time Travel Research Center - Time Travel Research Association" (TTRC/TTRA) claiming that he was engaged in cutting edge physics research into time travel and that this vocation was what he was involved in while "an officer in the USAF".


Verifying that he was an officer in the US Air Force was not possible. In his photos he wears an Air Force officer's uniform but the shot is so long that no rank insignia can be seen. He's refused to even disclose where he attended college or what his post graduate (or even undergraduate) major and diplomas were. We do know this, however: in the real business world where he is actually employed he makes no reference to having a PhD or being a physicist. Back in 2002 when the TTRC/TTRA website closed down we discovered that the entire business was a PO Box in Smithtown, NY, a telephone and someone to process the checks and applications for people to join him in his "research". He moved from Smithtown to Rochester, NY when he took a job as a burglar alarm marketer for Bosch subsidiary "Detection Systems". FOllowing his hiring Detection Systems ran an article in the March 2002 edition of Security World Magazine listing his CV and Bio. Here's the article:


Detection Systems Welcomes New VP


Detection Systems, Inc., is pleased to announce David Anderson as the newly appointed Vice President of Global Product Management for Intrusion Products, based at Detection Systems' corporate headquarters in Fairport, New York.


With more than fifteen years of experience in the security industry, Mr. Anderson also has experience as an officer in the United States Air Force and as a scientist. His educational background includes physics, philosophy and engineering, allowing Mr. Anderson to bring with him a vast and well-rounded wealth of knowledge to his position at Detection Systems.


Mr. Anderson comes to the company after several years with Newmark Technology as their Vice President of Marketing and Business Development. He has also worked in the security industry with ADEMCO, developing their commercial and government business. Mr. Anderson has extensive experience in strategic planning, market research and customer relations.


Mr. Anderson's responsibilities will include development of market programs for the company's intrusion products worldwide as well as the design and planning of new products. Additionally, he will assist in directing strategic support planning with the Bosch Security Systems group.


[snip company information about Bosch]

Note - not a word about a PhD or even a college degree in his bio. If he had a real BS, MS and/or PhD degree in anything related to physics or engineering Bosch would have made sure it was listed as part of the CV/Bio as a matter of corporate image. They hired his as a marketing and sales VP - not as a scientist, engineer or anything close to science and engineering.


The bottom line with Anderson is that virtually nothing about his purported background in science, physics and engineering can be verified and he's refused to answer inquiries about his background from a host of people. People ask these questions not out of simple curiosity but because Anderson tends to get non-profits up and running on the Internet and then asks for donations. And "time travel" is just a minor side issue with the non-profits.


Anyway, having Basiago's bona fides verified by David Anderson carries about as much weight as a glass of helium. ;)



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I like your post, however you may absolutely add more details with it, including examples and others suggestions on this.


So far so good enjoying the forum





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Examples are suggested futures such as teh OBEY propaganda post I made in the Alien section.



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