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    Designer: Rüdiger Dorn
    Artist: Jacqui Davis
    Released: 2015
    Ages: 12+
    Players: 2,3,4
    Playing Time: 90 minutes

    The year is 1899. For millennia, people have shared myths of unexplained occurrences at age-old monuments around the world, such as Stonehenge and the Pyramids of Egypt. Recently, reports of bizarre phenomena at these sites have garnered the full attention of the powers that be. In these places, spacetime is distorted. Time flows in unexpected ways. In addition, unusual crystals with supernatural properties have been discovered there.

    The newly established Temporal Institute for Monument Exploration (T.I.M.E. for short) is sending out steam-powered airships to travel through time and space to amass and exploit these valuable resources. As captain of one of these airships, you will set out to explore the temporal rifts around the monuments, ultimately to gain T.I.M.E.'s esteem and eternal glory!

    Genres: Adventure, Economic
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